Research the Standout Features on the 2019 Honda Pilot

If you're on the market for an impressive, family-friendly SUV, then the 2019 Honda Pilot is one of your best options available. This SUV has space for the whole family and a style that is sure to turn heads around Orlando. The 2019 model has plenty of fresh new features that you will be sure to appreciate, and at Jenkins Honda of Leesburg, we want to give you all the information about what the 2019 Honda Pilot has to offer.


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Will Honda Make a Hybrid SUV?

With the hybrid vehicle's rise in popularity comes plenty of innovations to its capabilities and style. Automakers everywhere are putting out fresh takes and redefining what people expect from a hybrid vehicle, and Honda is on the cutting edge of this effort. At Jenkins Honda of Leesburg, we are excited to offer all of our hybrid Honda vehicles, but we are particularly excited about the upcoming Honda CR-V Hybrid.


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Explore Headlight Maintenance with Our Mechanics

More and more states are requiring that you use your car's headlights whenever it's raining hard enough for you to also use the windshield wipers. To avoid getting ticketed and to make your car as visible to other drivers as possible during inclement weather in the daytime, at Jenkins Honda of Leesburg we encourage you to check often that your headlights are fully operational.

Replacing dim or worn out headlight bulbs is a simple procedure that is a specialty of the mechanics in our service center. Our inventory features a wide array of headlight bulbs that will fit…

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Understanding the Importance of Your Timing Belt

Have you ever seen your timing belt? It's a flexible, circular piece of rubber that has teeth on it. When it wears out, the teeth might break off, or the entire belt might break apart. If this happens when your engine is running, you might incur engine damage. To better understand how you need to understand what your timing belt does.

Your timing belt is responsible for synchronizing the opening and closing of the pistons and valves that your camshaft and crankshaft perform. If these pistons and valves don't open and close at the right times at the…

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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Over the years the automotive engineering world has seen some big advances. As a result, the commonly referenced 3000-mile interval for oil changes is no longer relevant. If every 3000 miles is too often, then how often should you be changing your vehicle's oil?

Start by consulting your owner's manual, as it will give you recommendations. Depending on your individual driving habits you will need to adhere to one of the two recommendations. If you're still unsure, then just check your car's oil manually. This is the most reliable way to know when it needs to…

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Keeping Your Car's Tank Full In The Winter Months

Every winter drivers face a challenge. Stop, get out in the cold and fill up, or take a chance and wait until the next trip. All though staying in a warm car may seem like the best option, keeping your gas tank full during months is a habit drivers should try to develop, While it might seem like a small and unimportant thing, drivers take become open to a number of risks when they leave the tank on empty.


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Horsepower: Strength Under Your Hood

If you have ever been curious about where the term horsepower came from, it has been around for a long time. James Watt came up with a clever way to compare the power of ponies in the mines to the power behind his steam engines. Ponies in the mines in the 1800s would haul coal, and so one horsepower is the equivalent to 30 pounds of force in one minute. The term horsepower stuck and is used today.

When you think about all the vehicles today, most of them have at least a few hundred horsepower under the hood, and…

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How Do The Move Over Laws Work?

The Move Over laws are designed to create a safer environment for law enforcement officers, emergency response personnel, and roadside workers. The law requires you to Move Over by changing lanes to clear the way for the vehicle on the roadside.


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Make the Right Decision and Get Your Car Loan Pre-Qualified

A great financial decision is to get your next car loan pre-qualified so that your entire car buying experience is streamlined. Just go to our Jenkins Honda of Leesburg website and fill in the provided online form. Your information will be transmitted to our finance department who will get back to you right away.

You will have sufficient information in order to know how much you have in the way of financing room to purchase your new or used vehicle. You can go to our online inventory and browse the availability of the different models so that you know what…

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What Next When Your Lease Ends?

You might find yourself held up wondering what to do once your lease has ended. With us at Jenkins Honda Of Leesburg, you do not have to strain yourself in thought. We have options for you to choose from to help accommodate for what your budget is.

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