How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Over the years the automotive engineering world has seen some big advances. As a result, the commonly referenced 3000-mile interval for oil changes is no longer relevant. If every 3000 miles is too often, then how often should you be changing your vehicle's oil?

Start by consulting your owner's manual, as it will give you recommendations. Depending on your individual driving habits you will need to adhere to one of the two recommendations. If you're still unsure, then just check your car's oil manually. This is the most reliable way to know when it needs to be changed. Your vehicle needs clean oil in its engine in order to properly function. However, it can be expensive if you make the mistake of changing your oil too often.

Contact the expert service technicians here at Jenkins Honda of Leesburg for more information if you need help determining the appropriate oil change interval for your vehicle and driving habits.

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