Horsepower: Strength Under Your Hood

If you have ever been curious about where the term horsepower came from, it has been around for a long time. James Watt came up with a clever way to compare the power of ponies in the mines to the power behind his steam engines. Ponies in the mines in the 1800s would haul coal, and so one horsepower is the equivalent to 30 pounds of force in one minute. The term horsepower stuck and is used today.

When you think about all the vehicles today, most of them have at least a few hundred horsepower under the hood, and that's a lot of strength to draw from. Whether you’re on the hunt for a high-performance vehicle or a more economical investment, it’s important to know what you need in terms of measured power.

Come see us here at Jenkins Honda of Leesburg today to get in the driver's seat of something powerful. We have a wide selection to choose from so be sure to come to our showroom location at 8865 US Highway 441 today to take one of our vehicles out for a test drive.

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