Explore Headlight Maintenance with Our Mechanics

More and more states are requiring that you use your car's headlights whenever it's raining hard enough for you to also use the windshield wipers. To avoid getting ticketed and to make your car as visible to other drivers as possible during inclement weather in the daytime, at Jenkins Honda of Leesburg we encourage you to check often that your headlights are fully operational.

Replacing dim or worn out headlight bulbs is a simple procedure that is a specialty of the mechanics in our service center. Our inventory features a wide array of headlight bulbs that will fit your make and model of vehicle. We always recommend replacing both bulbs at the same time so that the brightness of your headlights is balanced. When you replace headlight bulbs, it's also a good idea to ensure that the headlight covers are not fogged or cracked. Let us handle that job for you, too!

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