This Holiday Season, Honda Brings a Virtual Winter Wonderland to Hospitalized Children

For the third year in a row, Honda is bringing the holidays to children who are stuck in the hospital this winter season. A team equipped with VR headsets set out to the Children's Hospital of Orange County in California this month to bring their "Magic Snow Globe" from room to room and show kids the experience.

Once the kids donned the VR headset they were able to see and interact with a virtual winter wonderland. The globes were personalized to each child and characters inside engaged the children and helped them to build snowmen. When the headsets came off, Honda gifted everyone with a physical manifestation of the globe and a toy snowman.

Imagine the World You Want to See

Orange County does not get a lot of snow during the holiday season, so the virtual snow globe is truly a special opportunity for these kids. Being hospital-bound is an unfortunate reality for many children--one mother remarked that her family had spent the last three years in a hospital for Christmas.

A virtual escape can be a reminder to these children and their families that imagination is powerful and they can dream up any world they want to see.

The True Giving Spirit

This year Honda will donate $50,000 to the Children's Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation at CHOC. The donation and the continued support, charity, and visits from Honda have been going on nearly 30 years strong and will do a lot to improve both the hospital and patient quality of life.

If you can afford a little generosity this holiday season, consider donating to your nearest children's hospital--or whatever charity/non-profit speaks to you. At Jenkins Honda of Leesburg, we are wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season and new year.

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