The 2018 Honda Fit: The Benefit of Small

Small cars can get a bad rap. People look at a subcompact car and think they'll feel like sardines crammed into a can. The best small cars, however, leverage their size to create unique and comfortable experiences.

The 2018 Honda Fit, for instance, uses the clever engineering to fashion an interior that's compact but comfortable. It also delivers an impressive amount of cargo space for its size. If you need more than the standard, you can fold down the rear seats to open up extra space.

Where the 2018 Honda Fit truly excels however, is with the value it delivers in its standard features. In addition to things like excellent gas mileage, the 2018 Honda Fit comes packaged with active safety features, a rearview camera, telescopic steering column, and a 160-watt audio system.

The 2018 Honda Fit is an affordable car that's great for the everyday driver who needs a reliable ride more than they need speed and power. If it that sounds like you, drop us a line at Jenkins Honda in Leesburg, FL. Our staff of Honda experts would love to give you a look at our stock of new Honda cars.

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