Rotate your tires regularly for a safe and smooth ride

Failing to rotate your tires regularly leads to them wearing out unevenly. The front tires control the steering, and the heavy weight of the engine is carried by them. These front tires, therefore, tend to wear out faster around the edges than the rear tires.

Tire rotation, which refers to interchanging the front and rear tires usually during every other oil change schedule, helps to ensure that your tires wear out evenly. This is crucial since, without tire rotation, your tires will wear out much faster and will not function correctly due to lack of traction. Driving with uneven tires is risky as it can lead to fatal accidents. Tire rotations allow the tires to wear out evenly and enable the vehicle to have balance. That improves the overall performance of the vehicle.

Contact the experienced folks here at Jenkins Honda of Leesburg and we will happily determine if your vehicle needs tire rotations as well as get you on a regular tire rotation schedule.

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