Why Should I Change My Car Battery?

There may be no worse feeling than going out to head to work and your car won't start. Although this can get caused by several different issues, some of the common causes include the alternator or the battery. With a little extra attention to your car, you may be able to help prevent the battery from going out.

There are a few signs that your car battery may need to get tested and replaced. The first would be if your car is slower in starting up and cranks longer than usual. The second sign can be if your battery light comes on. Both could be caused by the battery or alternator; that is why a professional diagnosis is wise. The average life of a battery is a few years. However, this will change depending on if it is exposed to extreme heat or cold. If you are experiencing charging issues, our knowledgeable staff at Jenkins Honda Of Leesburg in Leesburg, FL, will be happy to assess your car’s needs. Stop by and let us help you today.

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