Should I Lease or Buy My Next Honda?

Are you thinking about getting a new Honda? It can be a tricky choice to make. There are a lot of factors that go into it, including whether or not to buy or lease. Both options come with great benefits to the individual.

Leasing a car is a good choice because you may have a lower monthly payment. Down payments may not be ideal for everyone, so leasing is a good choice. You can also get a different vehicle after your lease agreement. So, this is good if you are looking for variety in the vehicle’s you drive.

Buying a car, however, may be less expensive in the long run. After all of your payments are made, you own the car and will not have to make any more payments. This might be the better option for someone who is interested in not having to make payments in the future.

If you are having trouble deciding what to do, come talk to someone at the dealership here at Jenkins Honda Of Leesburg to get more advice on your options.

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